家庭在帮助学生从大学毕业方面可以发挥重要作用, 尤其是在经济援助方面.

While federal and state aid programs expect 学生s and their families to contribute toward college expenses, 经济援助可以帮助缩小你的资源和成本之间的差距. 我们鼓励所有的学生 申请经济资助 通过提交FAFSA或CA梦想申请. Even families who do not qualify for need-based grants may be eligible for loans that have borrower-friendly repayment terms and low interest rates.

有关私隐及学生纪录的提醒: 18岁或以上的学生可以复习 学生资助计划 以了解更多关于他们的记录隐私权. 如果感兴趣, 学生可以使用MyCSULB为第三方授予信息访问权限, 包括父母.


The 家庭 教育al Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of 学生 education records. 这一隐私权归属于 学生. FERPA protects the 学生’s right to confidentiality and limits our ability to release information about their financial aid. The Office of 经济援助及奖学金 is unable to release information about a 学生’s financial aid records to any person who is not the 学生 – without the 学生’s signed, 书面同意. For information on FERPA, including how 学生s can grant  access to their information, visit 学生资助计划 在CSULB学生档案网站上.

The 经济援助及奖学金 Office and 学生财务服务 work together as partners in the “financing” process of a 学生’s education. 通过协调努力, 确保资金及时到位, 申请资金/支付未支付的大学相关费用, 并释放多余资金.

经济援助及奖学金 学生财务服务
评估援助资格 在MyCSULB学生中心发布账单报表
奖励经济援助和奖学金 给学生发邮件告知未付费用
核实财政援助申请信息 接收 & 申请支付大学费用
向学生金融服务部门发放资金 将财政援助资金用于未付费用
评估“特殊情况” 管理分期付款计划
监督财政援助条例的遵守情况 释放多余的资金作为退款





许多事情会影响上大学的费用. 在CSULB, 学生要支付出勤费, 哪个反映了秋季和春季学期的预计费用. This information is based on the academic program of the 学生 and their housing plans as indicated on their financial aid application. 回顾当前 出勤费用.

The cost of college can include a variety of items, including some you might not expect. By understanding college costs, you can explore options for how to lower your costs. You should work with your 学生 to develop a budget to help your family understand the impact of college costs. This process can ensure you are financially prepared for the investment that is a college degree. Learn about what is included in the cost of college and ways to reduce college costs by watching a video.

There are four basic types of financial aid available: scholarships, grants, employment, and loans. 经济援助及奖学金 will determine your 学生’s eligibility for awards based on the information from their aid application. 当我们知道奖学金已经颁发给学生, 我们会把这些添加到奖励包中, and make any necessary adjustments to other awards – as total awards cannot exceed the 学生’s 出勤费用 budget. 查看CSULB各种援助项目的信息.

Although your 学生 must be admitted before they can receive a financial aid offer at CSULB, 他们应该 在被录取前申请助学金.  Your 学生 can file the financial aid application (FAFSA or CA Dream Application) as early as October 1 each year.  The poriority deadline for consideration of California or CSULB Grant aid is March 2. 一些奖项的资金有限, 先到即获奖励, first served basis – so apply as early as possible to be considered for all types of aid.

所有得奖通知, 对应, and information regarding financial aid are sent to your 学生 by email and through their 学生中心.

Your 学生's financial aid application (FAFSA or CA Dream Application) is based on income and resources from a prior tax year. We realize that 学生s and families may have extraordinary circumstances and that financial situations can change – and that these changes may not be reflected on your 学生's aid application.

These changes to income or resources could significantly impact your ability to meet your 学生’s educational costs. We are here to assist you and can guide you through the process of submitting an Income Appeal to have your situation (and possibly financial aid) re-evaluated.

In order to have a Special Circumstance Appeal reviewed, you 学生 must be admitted. 你可以在网站上找到上诉表格 报名服务表格 四月起页.

Follow up on your 学生's financial aid application to ensure there are no surprises!

  • 确保你的学生已经申请了经济援助
  • 确保他们在MyCSULB学生中心检查了他们的待办事项清单
  • Make sure your 学生 is checking their email regularly to see if we have contacted them, especially during spring and summer as we are reviewing applications and sending out requests for information
  • Talk about their financial aid award package to see if additional funds are needed based on their 出勤费用
  • 做一个预算,以确保你的家庭为任何需要的开支做好准备

学生注册课程后,学费和校园费用由 学生财务服务 并且通常要求在公布的到期日之前全额付款. 

Every 学生 receives email notification of outstanding University charges/balance due – until all charges owed to the University are paid. 学生也应该检查他们的 学生中心 找出他们的余额和到期日.

Even if your 学生 has financial aid, they will receive a notification of outstanding charges. This is to ensure that all 学生s remain aware of the cost of their tuition and fees – even if they have financial aid awards covering those costs.  对于那些获得经济援助的学生,将显示“预期援助”金额. 如果你的学生的预期援助大于学杂费, no payment will be due until financial aid is released at the beginning of the semester.


财政援助和奖学金与 学生财务服务 向学生支付已接受的助学金. These payments are called “disbursements” and begin the week before classes start each semester.

一旦财政援助资金被释放, 学生金融服务部将把任何经济援助资金记入:

  • 未付学费和杂费余额(即使是分期付款计划)
  • 未偿还的住房余额(即使参加分期付款计划)

住房费用: You can have financial aid funds (including the PLUS Loan) applied towards housing charges; however, 你必须参加住房分期付款计划. 请联系 大学房屋服务 欲知详情.

任何 financial aid in excess of tuition and fees will be automatically applied to a 学生’s housing charges – even if they have already signed up for a 住房 Installment Plan.

经济援助资金首先用于支付未支付的大学费用, 包括分期付款计划. 任何剩余的资金将通过退款程序发放. 

  • 任何 多余的信用 for 学生 awards will be issued as a refund via eRefund (for those who have signed up) – 给学生-早在开课前一周
  • 如果学生没有注册eRefund, 他们将把多余的资金作为纸质支票处理,并通过美国邮政邮寄 beginning the first week of classes to the home address provided to the University
  • 任何来自家长PLUS贷款的多余资金将作为纸质支票发出 给父借款人 -并将通过美国邮政邮寄给家长